How to notify us if you suspect someone is infringing your rights.

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Infringement Policy.

At Emerge Media we take copyright very seriously.

This page sets out what you must do if you think that your copyright is being infringed.

Below is a set form of notice and this is how we expect to be notified of all copyright infringements.

Given that Emerge Media is primarily focused on music, we have obviously drafted the example notice of infringement in relation to the infringement of sound recordings. However, it could the copyright in the underlying musical composition, or an image which is being infringed, and the notice can be easily adapted for that purpose.

Please note that it is our general policy to only consider notices of infringement which are substantially in the form below. Moreover, you must provide a signed copy of the relevant notice either by fax or regular post, and not by email in any event.

Finally, please note that you may be liable for damages (including any legal fees) if you materially misrepresent that someone is infringing your copyright(s).


{% trans "TO: Emerge Media, Infringement Notification Department
RE: Infringement Notification on Emerge Media
PAGES:1" %}

Dear Sir or Madam,

It has come to [my/our] attention that [details of track(s)] by the artist [artist details] [has/have] been made available for download by a user of the Emerge Media website on the following page:

[insert web page link]

[X] is the worldwide copyright owner of the sound recordings embodied on the aforementioned sound recordings.

I, the undersigned, have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted material described above on the allegedly infringing web page is not authorized by us [X] or any agent of [X].

[If a company] On behalf of [X], I declare that the information in this notification is accurate and that [X] is the copyright owner.

[If an individual] I declare that the information in this notification is accurate and that I am the copyright owner.

I would be grateful if you could acknowledge receipt of this fax and confirm that you have taken the appropriate action. If you wish to correspond with me via email, you may do so via the address [insert email address]

Kind regards


If a company:

For and on behalf of

[full company name]