We are a simple, high quality and cost-effective solution to licensing music for your business or space.

Affordable Music Licensing

A viable, high quality and cost-effective alternative to licensing music for your business or space.

No PRS or PPL fees

Expertly curated playlists

One multi-purpose license

Easy-to-use technology


An easy four-step process.

  1. 1. Choose your music license

  2. 2. Create a weekly music schedule

  3. 3. Install our simple music player

  4. 4. Start playing music in your business!


We source high quality music from artists and labels worldwide. Our music experts then create tailored playlists to complement your brand environment.

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We supply music to over 7500 retailers, hotels, gyms and other businesses across the world.
Our music is enjoyed by 28 million people each week.
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We've got answers

How much will I save by using Emerge?

If your business plays music supplied by Emerge, you will not require any additional licenses from performing rights organisations, collection societies or in-store media suppliers anywhere in the world. This could save your business up to 50% (or even more) on your annual music costs.

What happens if I have locations in more than one country?

Even if you have customer locations in multiple countries, you will only ever need ONE license from Emerge – this covers your public performance worldwide. You will not need to pay any additional licenses to collection societies abroad.

My local collection society tells me it's illegal to play music without a license. Is this true?

Definitely not! It's only illegal to play music registered with that society without purchasing a license from them. We only supply music that has been exclusively registered with Emerge, therefore requiring no additional licenses from any other society. If they don't understand, our support staff will be more than happy to speak your local performing rights organisation on your behalf. We also provide our clients with a Public Performance Certificate that can be displayed in your business and shown to any PRO ‘inspectors' who visit.

Do I still need to pay PPL (or equivalent neighboring rights) fees?

Under the Emerge license, authors, performers and producers are all covered, meaning no additional fees are due to neighbouring rights societies such as PPL, PPI or Mahasz.

Does Emerge only provide unsigned artists?

We work both with unsigned artists and signed artists, supplying a wide range of music to suit our client's needs. Our catalogue contains thousands of high quality music tracks produced by top artists and, unlike other companies, we never supply library or ‘elevator' production music.

What's the difference between Emerge and royalty-free or license-free services?

The major difference is that Emerge is a fully-licensed service, paying artists a regular royalty in return for the rights to distribute their music. We don't ever use library/elevator music and we don't use music available under Creative Commons. Our content is sourced from real artists and songwriters around the world who give us the right to license their music to our clients.

Will I also need to pay an in-store media supplier?

Emerge is a 360-degree platform. This means you won't require any other companies as we supply the music, license, delivery, promotions and support all under one roof. We can even help you source and install an audio or visual media solution from one of our trusted partners.

How much does Emerge cost?

Emerge charges clients one monthly fee that covers everything from the license and the music to the delivery and support services. This fees ranges depending on how many sites you have, and how big each site is. We arrange special discounts for multi-site businesses or very large locations. Please contact one of our team for an instant quote.


We help independent artists license and promote their music through brands and businesses around the world.

Music in 7500+ businesses

Transparent accounting

Accurate royalty payments

No long-term commitment


An easy four-step process.

  1. 1. Upload your music online

  2. 2. Tracks are placed into different channels

  3. 3. Channels are streamed to businesses worldwide

  4. 4. We pay you royalties for track 'play'

Manage Your Music

Our technology enables artists to track and manage their music at all times.


We supply music to over 7500 retailers, hotels, gyms and other businesses across the world.
Our music is enjoyed by 28 million people each week.
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Simply upload up to three of your best tracks and we'll contact you with more details.
If you still have questions, read our FAQs below.
Please make sure you are the sole copyright owner of each track you upload. For more information, read our Artist Agreement.

Audio must be in MP3 format and under 25 megabytes in size.

The time to upload depends on the size of the audio and your Internet speed. Please be patient.


We've got answers

Can I work with Emerge if I'm registered to a performing rights organisation e.g. PRS, GEMA, ASCAP?

Most of our artists choose to register directly with us, as opposed to their local PRO. However, if you wish to remain registered in your home country, for example PRS in the UK, we can still license your music to brands outside of the UK. There is a simple ‘opt-out' process that you will need to complete but if you give us a call, we can help you do this.

How do I get paid?

We pay all our artists on a quarterly basis (every three months). You will receive your royalty payment direct to your bank account or PayPal account together with a detailed statement showing where, when and how your music was used.

How much money will I make?

We pay our artists a 25% royalty on all license fees received from our clients. This means we don't deduct any costs or hidden expenses before you get paid. It's difficult to estimate how much you will make, as it depends when and where your music is used, as well as how many tracks you choose to submit, however once you've uploaded your tracks, we may be able to give you a rough estimate based on potential opportunities.

What type of music do you need?

We work with all types, styles and genres of music as long as it's good quality and suitable for commercial usage. That being said, our most popular channels are generally made up of easy-listening pop, acoustic pop, dance, house, indie and chill-out lounge. We also update our ‘opportunities' page whenever a new brief comes in.

Do you provide Sync opportunities?

Currently we only license music for in-store and public performance however, we plan to start offering sync opportunities in the near future so stay tuned!

How can I see where my music is being used?

Once you're a member, you will get access to an online dashboard that shows exactly where, when and how your music is being used. We also provide online statements, so you track your royalty payments, and a live feed of new opportunities.

If I've only registered certain songs with my local performing rights organisation, can I distribute my other songs through Emerge Media?

Unfortunately not. The PROs sign you exclusively as a writer meaning that once you're a member of an organisation, you cannot work with anyone else, even if you've only registered certain tracks. You can however opt-out of certain territories so we can still make you money in countries outside of where you're registered.

Do I still own my own copyright?

Definitely. We only ask for a license to use your music on a short-term basis in our client locations. You will always remain the 100% owner of all your copyrights.

What happens if I've written a track and someone else performs it?

This is no problem but you, and the performer, will both have to register with Emerge for us to be able to use the track.

If I'm part of a group, do we all have to sign-up?

No. As long as no-one in the group is registered with a PRO, you can appoint a group representative who can register, submit your track and collect all royalties on behalf of the other members.

I'm a manager / label, do I need to sign-up all of my artists or can I sign one general agreement?

To be able to use an artist's music throughout our network, we need that specific artist to agree to our terms. However, if you represent a group of artists, please get in touch with our music team as we have special offers and processes in place to make this as easy and beneficial as possible.

Am I allowed to co-write my tracks with other artists?

This is no problem as long as both artists are registered with Emerge and are not registered with any PRO. If you're unsure, the best thing to do is get in touch with our music team who will be able answer any questions you may have.